reading challenge

Reading abstract: May/June 2015

Before this will take another three months to write, let’s just dive right into it. These were the books I read in spring: (more…)


Reading abstract: Mar/Apr 2015

OK, this bimonthly wrap-up is still not exactly on schedule, but it is not as late as the first one. See, I’m getting there. Eventually. And the next blog entry is already in the making: a bookshop crawl from my recent trip to London, yay! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. First things first: (more…)

Reading abstract: Jan/Feb 2015

Whoa, this is late. How can it already be May? I thought I would like to try and write about all the books I read this year as an extension of my 25 Book Challenge. But then life happened. And work. More work than life actually… So I put off writing the wrap-up of the first two reading months. Until suddenly it was May. But better late than never! These were the first books I read this year: (more…)

On Goodreads and good reads

2015 has been good so far. It saw me discover, now my favourite book-related website. On Goodreads, you can find information and reviews about books you’re interested in, but you can also just browse all the shelves and lists for inspiration and recommendations for what to read next. And – because we’re 21st century people – you can connect with all your bookish friends, see what they’re reading and let them see what you’re up to bookwise (sadly, none of my friends have joined yet…..). (more…)