Irish Autumn: Bookshop Crawl (and haul)

Welcome to my Irish autumn, part 2! I am still wishing myself back to Ireland and because it gave me the opportunity for some more reminiscing, I prepared a post about the bookshop crawl I went on whilst on this beautiful island. Now, I only really visited two major cities, which were Dingle (actually not so major) and Cork. Concerning books, I came totally unprepared and mostly let the shops I found inspire me. I made an effort to buy some books about Ireland or by Irish authors – or both – because what better way is there to really get to know a country’s culture? (more…)


Irish Autumn – Part 1: Photo Album

It is autumn! Having already settled in to the work-sleep-repeat routine again, I am reminiscing about my September holidays in Ireland. So, in honour of this wonderful country, I would like to start a little series – Irish autumn. Here’s the first instalment of it (something I prepared earlier…).