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Book Review: Elizabeth Is Missing

Another book review, finally! This time I shall rave about ‘Elizabeth Is Missing’ by Emma Healey. Here goes:



Irish Autumn: Celtic collar crafting

Whilst everybody else is getting started with their Christmas decorations, I am not yet finished with my Irish Autumn series. But the calendar still displays November, which I count as autumn, so it’s okay. I actually created this blog as an “arty” outlet of sorts, but it became a bit book-heavy lately. This will be changed now. Because here is a DIY, woop woop. I found this tutorial on how to craft a fancy-looking necklace/collar that is made out of cord: (more…)

Irish Autumn: Bookshop Crawl (and haul)

Welcome to my Irish autumn, part 2! I am still wishing myself back to Ireland and because it gave me the opportunity for some more reminiscing, I prepared a post about the bookshop crawl I went on whilst on this beautiful island. Now, I only really visited two major cities, which were Dingle (actually not so major) and Cork. Concerning books, I came totally unprepared and mostly let the shops I found inspire me. I made an effort to buy some books about Ireland or by Irish authors – or both – because what better way is there to really get to know a country’s culture? (more…)

London bookshop crawl (and haul)

When I recently revisited London, I unfortunately missed Independent Bookshop Week by just one week. But that did not stop me from visiting quite a few bookshops anyway.

I only had a few days to spend in this glorious city and there was loads on the to-do list. Squeezing everything into this short amount of time did not work, as always. You can never have enough time in London! Hence, sadly, I didn’t manage to go to all the bookshops I wanted, but perhaps this was not the worst thing considering that I had already spent way too much money on this trip… (more…)