On Goodreads and good reads

2015 has been good so far. It saw me discover goodreads.com, now my favourite book-related website. On Goodreads, you can find information and reviews about books you’re interested in, but you can also just browse all the shelves and lists for inspiration and recommendations for what to read next. And – because we’re 21st century people – you can connect with all your bookish friends, see what they’re reading and let them see what you’re up to bookwise (sadly, none of my friends have joined yet…..).

Goodreads also hosts the annual Reading Challenge in which you can pledge to read a certain number of books in the upcoming year; how many is totally up to you and your reading habits. But it wouldn’t be a challenge if you didn’t dare yourself a bit.

Since I began my university studies, I have read less and less books for leisure. Spending a fair share of the day reading academic literature and scientific papers somehow takes the fun out of reading in general. And that is such a shame. I could not accept that anymore. So I joined Goodreads and challenged myself to read 25 books this year. For me this is quite a number, seeing as the height of my to-be-read-pile of research papers also increases by the day.

So far, though, I’m doing better than I had expected. Already seven books done, yay! Keeping track of your reading progress online can be strangely motivating. The Reading Challenge also helps to get back into reading for fun. And once you recover your hibernating passion for books, it gets more and more easy to find time to read, irrespective of nine-to-five job and/or hectic schedule.

I didn’t think I would ever be able to say this again, but yes, I actually have time to read. You probably do, too. The key is to MAKE this time in order to have it. This is possible! Even if it is only a little at a time. Make the most of your commute, for example. Or use the time before you fall asleep at night for reading instead of stalking people on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (this is also healthier since the bright light of phone screens diminishes sleep quality – you’re welcome). So, I will disconnect myself from the internet now and return to my book number eight.

Have a good day!


P.S. Instead of reading this post, you could have read the first page of your next favourite book… just saying. But do come back for the first book wrap-up of the year if you like!


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