This is my first blog post. I should introduce myself. As I find it the most appropriate way, I will do it by sharing which Hogwarts house I would belong in. Because what more does anyone need to know, right?

I have to say that I always saw myself as a Ravenclaw, because I am rather studious and introverted. I am also a scientist, and scientists never just rely on their gut feeling. In order to verify the Ravenclaw hypothesis, I set out to take numerous (=16) personality tests that I found on the internet. Each of them placed me in the one Hogwarts house it deemed most suitable for me. Here are the results:

Ravenclaw         8

Hufflepuff          4

Gryffindor          3

Slytherin             1

The one website that sorted me into Slytherin was apparently an outlier. Although I know that Slytherins do also have good qualities, it is definitely the house I fit in the least. Anyway, my small internet test statistic kind of confirmed what I always expected: I would be a Ravenclaw.

But then I found the ultimate sorting quiz on Of course I took that, too, and it turns out… J. K. Rowling thinks I’m a Hufflepuff! Well, she would know best, wouldn’t she? Hufflepuffs are supposed to be loyal, impartial, honest, hard-working and modest. Well, perhaps I’m more of a Hufflepuff after all? I think I will settle for Ravenpuff. There you have it. I am a Ravenpuff!

In case somebody is interested, the sorting quiz that I liked most, besides the one on Pottermore, I found on I also liked the ones from BBC America, buzzfeed and playbuzz.

The internet also tricked me into spending a whole evening doing various personality tests… Damn you, internet! So now I also know, that from the Avengers I would be Hulk, the house I should live in is an old Victorian house, the career that I’m meant for is writing, that out of all the Disney females I would be Belle and out of all the Jane Austen heroines I would be Elizabeth Bennet… Good to know.

So, (hopefully) I will see you around!




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